Giving a gift is such a personal gesture from one person to another. It has the power to speak words unsaid, move hearts, make someone feel loved and brighten up a day. The possibilities are endless. Giving is a necessary part of our lives as it helps forge, maintain, enrich, and preserve our relationships. Often, we love to gift, but our good intentions never reach their destination because we struggle with finding time to select, travel, gift wrap, and deliver a gift. How many times have you thought of buying something for someone and never followed through because you were too busy or your schedules just "never synched up"?

That's where we come in.

An Online Gifting Experience

Keepsake Bespoke is your new go-to online gifting platform for busy people. Simply select 3-4 items, we pack it up in our signature box, and deliver it into the hands of your loved ones!

                                     S   T   A   R   T             B   U   I   L   D   I   N   G                                     

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

Who We Serve

We serve our brand partners, promoting their products as if they were our own. We personally test and try each curated product so you can rest assured that they have our quality stamp of approval. We believe in our partner brands, and hope that you will have fun discovering their story and products through us.

We serve you! Our customer. Gift givers alike! Whatever the occasion, whether it's a "thank you", "congratulations", "I love you", or even "good bye", we want you to be able to count on us for an easy, fuss-free, gifting experience.

Local Brands

As much as we can, we curate our products from brands that are based locally in Singapore. We believe that there is a treasure trove of quality products here just waiting to be found! It is our pleasure to showcase these deserving brands to you, so that you can support local and discover the unique gifts they have to offer!

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At Keepsake Bespoke, through the gesture of gift giving, we aim to build a community of gifters, encouraging meaningful human connections whether it be with family, friends, a partner, or even ourselves. We hope that you can be part of this movement with us, as we strive toward a more caring, loving, and human, society. Let us know who you are! Receive special members only discounts and get notified of all the latest events, products, and brands on Keepsake Bespoke!

G E T     B A C K     T O     G I F T I N G